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About Us

Our Values

Our goal is to provide the perfect balance between effective, state of the art skincare services and the powerful benefits of relaxation and stress reduction

Now more than ever we are seeing men and women who are experiencing stress, burnout and the sometimes overwhelming demands of balancing a career and family. 

With the transition of many from the workplace to working from home, maintaining a healthy work/life balance has become difficult (when are you working? when are you at home?). 

The truth is, taking time away from the busyness of your life to invest in yourself adds perspective and "breathing room" to re-charge and gain back a healthy balance in your life. And as an added bonus it leaves more of you to give to others. Think of it as putting the breathing mask on yourself first before assisting others.

We believe that every person should be accepted for who they are and treated with the respect and kindness they deserve. We invite you to come in, tell us your concerns and let us take care of everything else. This your hour, your space, your facial.

Our History

Tony, owner of Spa Riviera, began his career as an esthetician on the east coast where he specialized in microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage, and European facials. After several years he had established himself as a specialist in the industry and began teaching seminars on skincare protocol.


After training hundreds of estheticians he moved to the South Bay in 2001 where he continued to provide quality skincare services and educate other estheticians on microdermabrasion protocol. In 2004 he opened Spa Riviera in Redondo Beach. 

Years later Tony's daughter, Nicole, joined him as a new esthetician and is now the spa director and full-time esthetician. Nicole expanded the menu of facial services and introduced sugar waxing services and an online product store. 

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