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302 professional skincare products


Results Meet Luxury

At Spa Riviera our expert skincare specialists can give your skin an amazing boost with an in-spa treatment. But to maintain your skin's health, you need a professionally designed home regimen as well.

Experience the amazing healing power of Mother Nature in our skin care products through the use of botanicals, active plant enzymes and pure essential oils.

Our product lines are natural-based, preservative-free and are effective at reversing visible aging, acne, and skin stress. 

302 Professional Skincare

302 Professional Skincare products are natural-based, preservative-free, clinical esthetic products formulated to provide effective topical solutions to reverse visible aging, acne, and skin stress.

The central skin-active compound in the line - 302/Avogen® - represents a new class of compounds derived from avocado. This non-acid molecule helps reverse the visible effects of chronologic and sun aging in a whole new way. It deals with the core issue of the skin’s decline:  a poor and malfunctioning metabolism. 

302 professional skincare products

302 optimizes metabolic response by providing energy to the cell naturally and continuously. Additionally, the 302 molecule demonstrates unique skin re-texturing properties by reducing the formation of overly cross-linked proteins that predominate in aging skin, while at the same time boosting natural immune system defenses.

The result is a healthier, more natural looking skin that functions at optimum metabolism.  302 is especially effective with skin scarring and difficult inflammatory disorders of the skin. Their products source organic, animal-free, and sustainable agriculture based ingredients. 


Sonage skincare products

Sonage's successful 20-year history is rooted in the great European skin care tradition with its focus on premium, luxury ingredients and research-based formulas to deliver healthy, natural-looking skin. The wonderful French expression "etre bien dans sa peu," which literally translates to "be well in one's skin," is part of the Sonage mission to keep your skin healthy and beautiful at every age. 

Working with top scientists in Europe and Los Angeles, Sonage has balanced the best in modern skin care science with the

amazing healing power of Mother Nature by using botanicals, active plant enzymes and pure essential oils (instead of the harsh chemicals used in other beauty brands) to create revolutionary formulas that are safe, highly-effective, a joy to use and the gateway to more beautiful, youthful, luminous skin. To order Sonage products please call us at 310.316.2888.


Circadia is dedicated to formulating result driven products combining pure botanicals, stem cells, second generation vitamins, and innovative peptide technology to achieve optimal skin health and beauty.

Circadia professional skincare brand is based on the skin and body’s natural circadian rhythms. Chronobiology, the science of defending skin from environmental damage during the day, and stimulating internal repair mechanisms during sleep, is at the core of our concept. 

To order Circadia products please call us at 310.316.2888.

Circadia skincare products

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