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Sugar waxing services

Sugar + Water + Lemon

Experience the benefits of this natural and effective hair removal method. Sugaring removes the hair and keeps the skin smooth for up to a month. It is a more natural, less painful alternative to waxing and only uses pure, natural ingredients. Ideal for sensitive skin. 


Brazilian (women only):

$60 (regular)

$50 (membership)

Bikini $40

Half/Full Arms $40/$60

Under Arms $33 
Half Legs $55

Full Legs:

$98 (regular)

$84 (membership)

Upper/Lower/Full Back $66/$34/$94

Tummy $45

Chest $55

Happy Trail $9

Chin, Lip, Cheeks or Hands $13

Full Face w/o Brows $39

Sugar Waxing

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